In this modern world full of screens that sell to children and advertisements that eat away at your subconscious, our family struggled with consumption. We were constantly seeking out ‘stuff’ to fill a void that we were told existed.

That was, until we found minimalism. 

Minimalism has been a vehicle for us, taking us on a journey from a family of six that constantly look for the next feel good hit delivered from new material possessions, and an unhealthy attachment to our “things”, to a family that tries to actively cultivate purpose and meaningful relationships in our lives. This website is a window into our Minimalist journey as a family of six, Six on Purpose.

Doing less is key.

It is my true belief that the vast majority of us spend a lot of time doing things that do not align with our values. Simply put, we waste a lot of our precious time doing things we don’t like doing.

Breath Through it.

When you feel a sense of complete sense of defeat and frustration, I implore you, STOP! Take a few deep breaths, walk away if you have to but do not allow yourself the release of anger or rage.

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