In this modern world full of screens that sell to children and advertisements that eat away at your subconscious, our family struggled with consumption. We were constantly seeking out ‘stuff’ to fill a void that we were told existed.

That was, until we found minimalism. 

Minimalism has been a vehicle for us, taking us on a journey from a family of six that constantly look for the next feel good hit delivered from new material possessions, and an unhealthy attachment to our “things”, to a family that tries to actively cultivate purpose and meaningful relationships in our lives. This website is a window into our Minimalist journey as a family of six, Six on Purpose.

Reduce your plastic, make soap.

In an effort to lower the amount of plastic we use C and I started to look at all of the products and items we had that could be substituted for a more sustainable product.

Reducing Waste.

The first step to reducing waste is to reduce how much you bring into your house, keeping this at the forefront of our minds we turned our attention to the waste we were still generating.

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