Many of us, me me me, like shiny new things (junk) but this is the antithesis of purposeful living and minimalism.
The other day I saw a social media post about a great sale at a well known Australian pyjama retailer, straight away I thought about jumping on their website and seeing what they had for the kids (they sell super cute kids clothes online) when I remembered the kids still have way too many clothes, more than they can wear, even going through multiple changes per day, and buying new stuff now would only lead to throwing out of perfectly good stuff – not purposeful, minimal, practical or sensible!
Before embarking on this journey toward minimalism I would not have thought twice about the wastefulness or the lack of necessity, I would have just been so pleased with cute clothes at a great price, but this time I was able to have the thought, get excited, and then almost instantly realise how uncomfortable the excess would make me and so I didn’t even look at the website. I decluttered without amassing the clutter in the first place….I precluttered.
If you ever feel like minimalism is about denial, reframe it as precluttering next time you want something you know you don’t need, try to view it as an active step in removing unnecessary stuff, stress, financial strain from your life instead of an act of denial and I bet you feel better.

To PRECLUTTER: the act of not consuming an item BEFORE you have to declutter it later 

Usage: I did a great preclutter in Peter Alexander, I didn’t buy any pjs that were massively reduced, really cute, and totally not needed by me


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Our journey into minimalism with a family of 6

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