Take a deep breath.

We all have one thing in common, life is speeding up. 

For the family trying to live a more purposeful life, meditation is a must.

Setting aside time each day to sit still and breath can have a profound effect on your life and the way you live it. Being present with your breathing and the moment in which you live can and will allow you to recognise your purpose and help you along the path to live it. 

            That sounds like a lot. 

            Let’s face it, it is. 

There are times when life gets in the way of our ability to experience it.

What would you do to minimise the effects of being overwhelmed? 

That is a serious question. 

Too often now we look for the quick fix often in the form of BUY THIS advertisement. Rarely do we hear that ‘life is hard’ and we have to learn to navigate it. No one tells us that navigating life is difficult, we will struggle, we will fall down and get hurt. But we as a society need to know that, and we need to be okay with it. 

It’s okay to not be okay. Once we accept that the journey will be difficult suddenly the focus on the level of difficultly can begin to dissipate and our attention can be moved to the task at hand. Misery can be a choice. We can choose to just for this moment let go and just be.

This is where mediation comes in.

            Meditation is not just a search for inner peace. It is very much a coping mechanism for the burdens of life. 

When we learn how to suffer, we suffer much less.’- Siddhartha Gautama.

When I started meditating, I could not keep my eyes closed and quiet my mind for more than ten seconds. I had been told by many people that meditation could help with my high levels of anxiety, depression and general lack of emotional well-being, but I couldn’t do it. I tried watching YouTube, I tried reading books I even tried just sitting down and reciting the same word in my head over and over again. But I couldn’t get there, I could not ‘quiet the mind’. 

It wasn’t until I spoke to an ex-Buddhist monk turned personal trainer that I found the secret to mediation.

Have realistic expectations!

That’s it.

I was a novice, why did I expect to be able to meditate like the Dali lama? 

That was not realistic. 

After many, many hours spent with the monk/personal trainer I found myself suddenly being able to sit for a full 60 seconds with my eyes closed.

Victory at last!

 Over time I have tried to practice mediation every day, practice is the optimal word here because it is just that, a practice. The mind is a muscle and to teach it something we need repetition. 

For us mediation allows us to sit with our thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them and let them go so that we are free to live a life of purpose and joy. 

What could it mean for you?

The following is an introduction into the practice of meditation. There is no need for candles, music or incense. 

-Find a quiet space to sit.

-Sit or find a posture that is most comfortable to you, if that means sitting in a chair, sit in a chair. (Laying down can help but it will prompt you to want to fall asleep s if you can stay seated.)

-Set yourself a timer of 30seconds.

-Start the timer and close your eyes and focus on the breath (On the inbreath say in your head “I know am breathing in”, and on the out breath say, “I know I am breathing out”). 

-Your mind will want to instantly fill with thoughts, that’s okay. Acknowledge those thoughts and return your focus to the in and out breaths. The thought will fade without your notice. If you search for the thought it will arise again. 

-Each time the mind wanders return to the breath. 

-It does not matter if you have to refocus on the breath a hundred times in that 30 seconds, over time this practice will become easier and easier. 

-After seven days up the time to 1 minute and from there each Monday add a minute to your practice, well call it minute Mondays!

And above all else, practice everyday!


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