Finding purpose in isolation

The last 2 weeks have bred some serious self-reflection from C and I. 

A global pandemic will do that to a family.

And this is where we landed.

We have always loved camping. As a family we used to make much more of an effort to get out of the city to see the green. Be it forest, rivers, beaches or paddocks we love it all. We have camped in winter, tent frozen solid and in summer where the need to have every hatch open so you can breathe is necessary. 

But we have decided that we want to do it more. 

We want to make it a part of our life in a way we never have before.

Prior to our journey into minimalism we would only go camping on family holidays, filling the van or truck with as much camping gear as we could muster, followed by a frustrated Dad at the camp site trying to set up an entire camp while Mummy keeps the little ones busy/away.

It is through this prism of Minimalism that we have found our purpose as not only individuals but as partners and as parents. And for the Six on Purpose family, getting away from the noise and speed of the city life to be in nature together, creating memories that will far outlast any of the possessions we own. 

Our minimalist journey is evolving and it’s an exciting time for us. Isolation from the noise of the world has given us a chance to take stock of what is important to us and where we want to go in the future. 


Published by sixonpurpose

Our journey into minimalism with a family of 6

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