Our first step into Vanlife

C. and I have been doing some intensive research into vans and how we can reintegrate the outdoor lifestyle back into our lives. 

We have been looking at all different kinds of vans online, but C was struggling to comprehend the size that we actually needed. We had been looking into Ford Transit LWB* and MWB* along with Mercedes LWB and MWB. 

But it was beginning to feel like C could not get past the space that appeared to be available in ‘Skoolies’ (Thanks YouTube!)  – We are not buying a bus!

One evening while out on a run I noticed there were some of the exact vans we had been researching parked along my route. When I returned to the house, and C. had finished painting the kid’s nails, we all jumped in our people mover and drove around the neighbourhood to size up the vans parked nearby. 

At one point while C. was circumnavigating a Renault MWB, I mentioned that we looked like we are casing their van. Low and behold as the last word left my lips, the owner popped their head over the fence and asked what we were looking at. After a quick explanation and a smile from C. the owner laughed and left us to peering through their windows like a couple of would-be thieves.

Full of motivation we kept our eyes peeled on the way home for any more research opportunities.  Not a minute later we came across a van that was fully decked out. Satellite, solar, skylights the whole 9-yards. And the kicker was that the women who appeared to own it was sitting in the drivers seat with the van stationary. C. jumped out of the car and ran over to talk to her. Shortly after we were treated to a roadside inspection of the interior and some handy do’s and don’t tips from the owner who was living full time in her Renault Master. 

Our first toe-dip into the #Vanlife world has been an extremely positive one. Who knows where this might go.

*LWB – Long Wheel Base

*MWB – Medium Wheel Base

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Our journey into minimalism with a family of 6

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