Making tough choices.

We had to re-home our dog.

Max was a rescue.

He is a loveable, cute, fun and caring.

An American Staffy x Boxer Max was not a small dog. But we had a problem, Max was too big for our family to handle.

But what to do?

C. and I had noticed that after moving to our new home Max had become too much for the children to handle. With a much smaller yard for Max to play in he needed more walking and much more attention, something that was at best difficult to do for a family of 6 with.

Max had begun to wee in the children’s bedrooms, he had also begun to chew their belongings much more that he had previously, perhaps trying to show that he was a valued member of the family as well.

My reaction was to empathise with Max, “Well the kids shouldn’t have left their toys laying around should they mate?” But deep down I knew, he wasn’t happy.

It was when our neighbour came to us one day after C. being out all day with the children and I being at work and asked if she could take Max for a walk. This immediately sounded like an odd request to me. But after a brief explanation she explained that Max had been crying at the door all day, (she had only noticed because she worked from home.)

I instantly became defensive at the idea of someone else giving my dog the love and attention that I couldn’t.

I walk my dog all the time’ I thought to myself.

I assured the neighbour that Max would get a walk that day and that all would be well.

She left with an obvious amount of reluctance.

After several days, and walks I returned home one evening and C was waiting for me.

“Max has to go,” she said softly.

Hello honey nice to see you too’

Again, I became ultra-defensive but deep down I knew. Max deserved more than what we as a family could give him at this point.

Our neighbour had offered to rehome him to a lovely couple she knew with no children and plenty of time to shower Max with doggy cupcakes and plenty of hugs.

We did not minimise our dog.

But we did ask ourselves if Max was happy, was he getting joy out of his living situation.

It was obvious he wasn’t.

Life is punctuated with tough choices. Minimalism has become the framework through which we now make those choices. Max needed more, his life was not bringing him joy and we saw that through his behaviour. The choice became can we as a family provide Max with the life he needed?

The answer sadly, was no.

Max is and always will be the best dog I ever had, a great pal and cuddly as hell. I miss him every single day but I am comforted by the knowledge that he is happy, healthy and safe in his new home.


Published by sixonpurpose

Our journey into minimalism with a family of 6

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