Self defeat.

It is widely understood that the most important conversation you will have everyday is the one you have with yourself. Far too often in our everyday lives do we defeat ourselves before we give anyone else the chance to take us down. 

We all know that person who crumbles at the first sign of difficulty, for many of us that person is yourself. When things get tough many of us feel that victim mentality rise up and whisper in our ear, ‘you can’t do this, they want you to fail, everyone else has it easier thank you, the system is against you and only you’. It doesn’t matter what the voice in your head sounds like, they all say the same thing. 

At some point we not only need to stop listening to that negative voice but we need to change the story we are telling ourselves. Imagine If we let other people talk to us the way we talk to ourselves, we would not only have no friends but family and associates would also be few and far between. 

How do we change the story? 

It has to start with positive self talk. 

Not only do we need to be kind to ourselves but it needs to start in the most difficult place, vocally. 

That’s right, tell yourself outloud,” you are enough”, “you can do this”, “you can make it”. 

It can feel awkward and almost silly at times but talking to yourself with kindness and compassion can be the key to true personal growth. 

We cannot continue to think the way we have always thought if we truly hope to achieve personal growth. How can you do something different if you do what you have always done?

It is time to make a change in our lives, as a community it is time to take responsibility for our own wellbeing. As a part of this it is time to recognise that the system, relationship or situation, you are pushing up against, is not always designed for you to succeed without effort. Accept it, embrace it and move on. Stop dwelling in the negativity. Accept that you as a person cannot control every situation you come across. We may not be able to control our thoughts but we can challenge them, combat them and take some responsibility for the actions that result from not keeping them in check. 

It takes a lot of energy to sustain negativity. With practice we can come to realise that the  negative situations we find ourselves in are not always our fault, but staying there often is. 

There will always be people in the world who want to keep you down, don’t help them do it.


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