It’s time to start being okay with not being okay.

This is a hard one for most people. Especially those of us who have a plethora of control issues. One of the biggest sources of discontent for the person with control issues is the inability to accept that things are not going to be okay all of the time.

There are going to be moments in life where there is nothing you can do to make yourself or those around you feel better.

The key here is acceptance.

Accepting who you are, floors and all. Knowing what you can and cannot do. Accepting the situations that you do have control over and those that you don’t. Taking the time to work this out may seem silly or pointless. But putting pen to paper and working out exactly who you are, truly and honestly, can and will help you accept those moments in life when things aren’t going your way. Being able to accept them will take some of the sting out of bad situations, believe me it will not make them stop hurting or pissing you off, but it can help.

Ask yourself ultimately what makes a situation bad? Our emotions! Situations are catalysts for feelings, and not being able to accept and process our feelings is a huge source of pain and discontent for most of us. Accepting who you are, the situation you’re in and the emotion you are feeling can lead you to the only truth about feelings, they all pass, all of them. And the fact is that sometimes you are not going to be okay, and that’s okay.

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