Find out what you must do and get it done.

There is much to be said for getting things ticked off of your to-do list. Writing lists and crossing them off can aid in self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of productivity.

But what if you looked at what goes on your list?

Many of us are guiltily of listing out the things that we do automatically, I certainly am, and a list is not required. Equally the opposite can be true, many of us writing lists that we would never achieve even if we had minimised all of our possessions and had a child-free week. You’re not going to get the great Australian novel written this week so stop it! Maybe aim for a chapter?

I have found it imperative that I get through the things that need to get done before I start to tackle what I want to get done.

Take some time out of your day right now to sit down with a pen and paper and work out what you must get done each month, week, and day. By putting them down on paper you may come to realise that many of us have ‘wants’ on our ‘must’ list and vice versa. Putting pen to paper can help you sift through the chaff of unachievable things we try and achieve each day and the things that need to get done as a functioning member of society.

By keeping your productivity goals to achievable outcomes, you may find yourself with free time, that’s okay. We are meant to be free. Spend that time doing just that…being free. Free from attachment to archaic ideas that our worth is tied to our ability to accumulate, to achieve, free from the pressures of lives full of external expectation and most of all free to enjoy our lives.


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Our journey into minimalism with a family of 6

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