Reduce your plastic, make soap.

In an effort to lower the amount of plastic we use C and I started to look at all of the products and items we had that could be substituted for a more sustainable product.

Reducing Waste.

The first step to reducing waste is to reduce how much you bring into your house, keeping this at the forefront of our minds we turned our attention to the waste we were still generating.

Doing less is key.

It is my true belief that the vast majority of us spend a lot of time doing things that do not align with our values. Simply put, we waste a lot of our precious time doing things we don’t like doing.

Breath Through it.

When you feel a sense of complete sense of defeat and frustration, I implore you, STOP! Take a few deep breaths, walk away if you have to but do not allow yourself the release of anger or rage.

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